Fall 2019 Fund Drive

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Spiritual Arts Institute

With the three-year vision plan Barbara and Dimitri have put into motion, 2019 has been busy establishing key pillars in realizing the plan.

Supported by your financial contributions:

  • There has been a lot of work by Barbara preparing Dimitri to take on more spiritual teaching responsibilities, essential to SAI’s future success.
  • We prepared a wonderful group of skilled SAI faculty to begin teaching the revised Change Your Aura Course in 2020, with more faculty in training.
  • We completed fine art illustrations for the upcoming book Your Spiritual Ascent depicting life in the spirit worlds (Prints available for purchase soon).
  • We launched Golden Chalice Fellowship offering spiritual insights into world dynamics.

Help us build #SpiritualFellowship now to keep the momentum of the vision plan going and to ensure we continue to help souls grow.

OF $140,000 RAISED



We are calling on our SAI family and friends to keep moving forward the SAI vision plan. Between now and January 3, 2020 we need to raise $140,000 in financial contributions to support SAI in its programs, products, scholarships, and in building our spiritual future.

To accomplish this, a generous contributor has offered to match dollar-for-dollar all donations of $500 dollars or more now through January 3, 2020!

There is much to do in 2020 to keep the vision unfolding. With your support, it’s our goal to:

  • Launch the faculty-led Change Your Aura, Change Your Life Foundation Course, opening the door for many new students to discover and experience the teachings of the Divine Light and auric field.
  • Initiate a new advanced level training for The Kingdom of Light Teacher students.
  • Update our website creating a more exciting user journey and experience.
  • Launch new marketing initiatives to reach out to more people than ever before.
  • Bring closer together our community of fellow spiritual travelers, and enhance student performance by expanding our education and programming departments.
  • Publish a digital version of the audio classic Change Your Aura: The Complete Meditation Guide and a digital version of The Healing Power of Your Aura book.

Will you become a champion by making a financial gift?

It’s YOUR generosity which provides the resources to ensure the ongoing legacy of Spiritual Arts Institute.

Donate now and be a part of a

In our complex and rapidly changing world, our work in helping souls grow is never complete. Whether it is creating new classes, holding more workshops, writing more books or simply helping people like you navigate your spiritual path, we want to create a planet where people realize their spiritual potential. Every bit counts and you can make a difference.


Recent Donations

Marie Aguilera $150.00 Many blessings for the New Year.
Roderick Luna $50.00
Anonymous $500.00
Victoria Bradshaw $100.00
Anna Maria Kayaloglou $1,000.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $30.00
Kathy Hsu $100.00 Love and gratitude, Kathy
Linda Vandersteen $288.00 Thank you, in love and gratirude
Anonymous $500.00
Maggie Hansley $100.00
Maggie Hansley $100.00
Nathaniel Provo $100.00 Thank u so so soso much for fostering a life of miracles for me, for my husband, for my friends, for my family and for all that I come in contact with. I am filled with gratitude for all of your beautiful love, light, and work !
Mitsuko Wada $100.00
Michelle Weber $2,700.00
Maureen Kowba $50.00
Anonymous $75.00
Susan Marlo $50.00
Melinda Noble $500.00 In love and appreciation for Barbara & Dimitri & the KOL teachings
Gregory Shock $100.00
Lynn Pritchard $100.00 All the best for your work in 2020 and thank you
Diane Golden $100.00
Guilene Cadet $1,000.00

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